All is possible in the now...

All healing and all manifestation is possible in the now.
Remember, you are not alone.

There are no coincidences.
I warmly welcome you to take action on your life right now!

My name is Ulla Suokko and I am fully committed to share with you all that I have learned and keep learning to help you embrace your truth, path and deeper purpose!

It is my mission and passion to inspire and support you as you make a commitment to yourself and to your gifts, talents, purpose and value.

May you live your life to the fullest with clarity, courage, commitment and compassion!

The time is now... Your time!

Intuitive Sound Healing, Life Coaching & Reiki

I offer powerful, transformative, intuitive energy healing/coaching sessions in an intuitively guided combination of Reiki, Sound Healing and Coaching.

You may also study all levels Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Light Ascension Reiki and Intuitive Sound Healing with me. I custom-design workshops, ceremonies and celebrations for all occasions.

In Cuzco, Peru or Long Distance via Skype/Phone

You are in the right place. Right here is your opportunity.

No matter where you live in the world, I am honored to be of assistance and hold space for you on your journey.

Personal Transformation

Do you need clarity, support, direction, peace, healing? Allow me to help you.

We are each called in our own way to clear old patterns, beliefs and wounds at this time. All the turmoil within each individual and in the world presents an unprecedented opportunity for expasion, growth and deep healing.

Look not for love from where it’s not, allow it from where it is.

  • recharge your life energy
  • transform stress and worry
  • take charge of your health and well-being
  • boost your immune system
  • support self-healing
  • increase your creativity, awareness and intuition
  • communicate with your body, mind, spirit and emotion
  • heal, harmonise and balance your energies and release any blocks in your energy system
  • relax deeply
  • get in touch with your personal potential
  • expand your consciousness

Peru Sacred Journeys

Contact me about custom designed Sacred Journeys to Peru in 2014. Each journey will be taylored to your needs and interests.

It is my joy to invite you to visit Cuzco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu is the Heart Chakra of the Planet and a powerful place to accelerate healing, clearing and transformation.

Contact Ulla

Perú: +51-974-272914
New York: +1-917-847-2537
Skype: ulla-suokko

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Bridge of Light -
Ulla's Meditation Music

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"I've booked sessions and classes
with Ulla since 2004. Every single time Ulla changed my life. I had no idea how there is always more clarity, love, happiness and healing.

Ulla's gentle, loving way of supporting and healing whatever needs to be healed at any moment is just extraordinary.

With her support I was able to heal old traumas and to become so much more conscious and present in my life.

Thank you ulla for your loving support all the time. You have changed my life forever."

-Andreas Schindler, CEO & Founder of Schindler IT Solutions, Austria